Customer Spotlight: Jeep Grand Cherokee x Fuel Shok

With the launch of our truck, SUV and ATV/UTV program we are excited to start posting some customer vehicles! Today’s Rig: Justin’s Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wheels – Fuel Shok 18×9 et1
Tires – Goodyear Duratrac 275/65R18
Suspension – Rocky Road Outfitters 2.5″ lift

Owner – Justin Smith @smitty_mk6

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SEMA PT 2 – The Toyota Supra A90

The fabled release of the New Supra from Toyota split car enthusiast community in two. Some loved, others hated the new Supra Rendition co-produced with BMW. We FINALLY got to see what all the fuss is about in our favorite form! At SEMA already modded!!

Z4 platform, Z4 power plant, ZF Auto, AND REAL SPORTSCAR numbers on paper for 0-60, 1/4 Mile, and road force G’s. With all that said, is it worth the Supra name?

We still don’t know either till we drive one, but we sure do LOVE to look at the new A90!

The 3 cars in this article were the top 3 we found at SEMA this year. Tell us your thoughts! Have a new Supra? Contact us for some wheel ideas, or apply for a sponsorship with us!

Devhan’s 2015 STI x Rotiform LVS X Air Lift

When you start a build you know it will change over time. This isn’t put first encounter with Devhan’s. His first set of wheels came from us when he first bagged the car with us. A killer combo to say the least. A full Air Lift 3P kit matched with Cast Rotiform KPS in 18×9.5 et25 to clear the huge OEM STI brakes. A VERY attractive set up.

Cast Rotiform Available Here

That is when Devhan knew he wanted to step it up. He wanted his “forever” wheels if you will, if there is such a thing! With his STI, I think we found just that. We decided on the Rotiform LVS.

Rotiform LVS
18×10.5 et15 front
18×10.5 et20 rear
Polished Rose Gold Face
Chrome Lip
Chrome Hardware

Just like that, his forever wheels became a reality! Enjoy some pics and video of his set up. Devhan is running what we call aggressive fitment for the VA WRX/STI Chassis. He is running about -3° Degrees camber up front and about -7° in the rear with stretched 225/40r18 tires. This is what we call PERFECT FITMENT. Enjoy!

WheelLab_STI on Vimeo.

Forged Rotiform LVS x Air Lift Performance
Forged Rotiform LVS x Air Lift Performance
Forged Rotiform LVS x Air Lift Performance

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Shop Rotiform Forged Here

Photography by Evan @Xolfy | @RankedMedia



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SEMA 2019 – Part 1 – Business As Usual

In the heart of Las Vegas — adult Disneyland, if you will — there are lights, adventure, trials and tribulations twenty-four hours a day. This is where I find myself landing after a six hour flight from Boston. At this point, the excitement is real. SO real, that it cuts straight through any sleep deprivation and stress. It’s SEMA week; I had been waiting for this moment ALL YEAR!

SEMA being hosted in Las Vegas yearly in and of itself is an adventure. The lights, the sounds, the people watching of some of the most interesting variety, endless night life, gambling, drinking, strip clubs…. again, adult Disneyland if you will. However, for me, while all of the above can be fun in the right setting/dosage, it is merely a distraction. A distraction from the largest aftermarket automotive industry trade show there is. One of my favorite trips I do almost every year. This year was my fifth year going. So, we kind of know what/who we want to see when we go.

C10 On Rotiform SIX 3 piece – Available Here

Yes, SEMA IS a trade show. Make no mistake on top of all the INCREDIBLE builds here, a lot of new and interesting tech gets integrated. New trends, styles, products, inspiration, ideas…. THE LIFE! This is the life I LOVE and what I live for. SEMA is my yearly recharge of creative and business inspiration. The spark that shoots my energy firing on all 12 cylinders! We leave charged, dialed and excited to bring what we found to our friends and customers cars worldwide.

Got to love the pile of $100s in the frunk! (front trunk) – Toyo had some of the best builds

My background personally is in commercial graphic design and technology sales. A mixed bag of artist and salesman. Now, your car gets to be my canvas. SEMA is where I love to go outside of art museums and exhibits to find creative inspiration for new trends, color theories, emerging brands and even emerging trends in what car is going to be HOT to mod this year.

Our favorite Supra featuring HRE wheels – Shop HRE

YES there were a LOT OF SUPRAS here. Here is my personal favorite. Simple, clean, something I would drive. Love it or hate it this new BMW 3 series chassis is no joke. Toyota is showing us with mild tuning this new Z4/3 Series/Supra chassis is here to stay. Already outperforming the BMW sweetheart we love so much, the M2 Competition. Suspension architecture in the front and rear similar to that of the F30 means you are sure to see a LOT of these cars on air soon.

There were also a LOT of other very interesting things to be seen. Right now I give you PT.1. A brief intro to SEMA 2019 and some of the highlights from our trip. Much more content and product releases to come and well as more looks into the new Supra. Enjoy.

Written by James T Curtis, Photos by Dario Serino and Melissa Curtis

Electric Powered.. the FUTURE IS RAD!
Diko does not mess around at GFG.. YES this is a SENNA!
Love the Safari look on this 911 featuring the Momo Heritage 6
Buttonbuilt killing it with this F355. The creativity is amazing!
Shop Rotiform Forged
Brings me back! What a killer NSX time capsule
Favorite Corvette of the show.. C8 included
ADV.1 FlowSpec
Cannot get enough of these Porsche race cars
Solo center seat!
Castor Air Ride coming out hard with this E30
Z time attack on BC Forged? Yes please!
Love the Rohana Huracan

More to come soon! Stay tuned!

Customer Highlight – Steve’s Lamborghini Murcielago

Sometimes you meet some cool people in this industry. Our customer Steve is in that category. We have done quite a few of his cars, but this Murcielago has to be our favorite! Enjoy a quick tease here of this unique car.


BC forged EH176 – 1 Piece forged
19×8.5 et50 front
20×13 et14 Rear
Crystal Orange

BC forged EH176 – Available for purchase here

Its AMAZING we were able to find ANYONE with a 20×13 1 piece that did NOT need a spacer! Look at that concave on the rear with all that custom machining! BC Forged at it again!

Now onto the car:

BC forged EH176 – Available for purchase here
Photo Via: ShootForDetails
BC forged EH176 – Available for purchase here
BC forged EH176 – Available for purchase here

In Review: B8 Audi Platform Air Lift Performance Kit

In Review: B8/8.5 Air Lift Performance Kit. A kit we know incredibly well from our personal stint with our own 2011 Audi S4 shop project. A car I personally revered as closely as my 2004 VW R32 that until the S4 skid into my life WAS the coolest car I have ever owned.

S4 Project: 2011 Audi S4
Air Lift Performance Suspension with Air Lift Rear Shocks
19×10 et31 Work Meister S1 with 245/35r19 tucked quite nicely
Factory Camber Adjustment: MAXED

Air Lift Kit Available Here
Work Meister S1 3 piece available here
102MM AWE Touring STUFFED into a factory B8 rear valance. Just had to share.
Photos via: Dario at YPAS

With so much seat time in this car we became experts quickly with the B8 community. This covers a VAST amount of cars which we had three as shop cars. The B8 S4 and B8.5 SQ5 and A4. So we essentially tested each kit 3 ways across a few B8 Platforms. The results were awesome.

Drive high, park low. Retain the same level of performance of a traditional coilover system. BC Racing essentially makes the body, internals and top mount to Air Lift’s specifications. So you truly get the performance of one of the most popular coilovers we sell the BC BR series.

Brendan our sales intern’s B8.5 K04 A4
Air Lift Performance x Rohana RC10 in 20×10 et33 with a 255/30r20
Photo Via: Melissa Curtis
Sam our international sales manager’s SQ5 on 22×10.5 Rotiform BUCs
Air Lift Performance x Rotiform BUC Forged
Photo Via: Mike Burns

This is just a platform we love and reverse as one of the best Audi platforms in modern time. Feel free to pick our brains anytime with personalized advice. All of these cars feature 3/8″ lines and the air lift performance rear shocks with the exception of the SQ5.

We wanted to test out a Bilstein adjustable and went that direction. We also had shortened spindles sourced from friends in the industry and some serious body mods done to get it this low. The SQ5 was a bit more involved than meets the eye. We will showcase more of this project at a later date.

These kits performed as expected. Stiffer than stock, but no bounce. Daily driving, Performance driving, traffic, terrible Boston roads… you name it we drove it. I would not have preferred any other set up in my car for suspension. Driving a lowered car otherwise static on treacherous northeastern city roads was just not an option for me with the S4. It was TOO nice of a car.

I personally rode my car around 80/60 PSI with a pressure based management system. This was my around town height on the works, 70/55 was pretty slammed and rode a little more harsh but still not bad. I set the compression 2 clicks up in front and 4 clicks up in back. I drive pretty hard. We did drag and road course days with this car and beat the ever living sh*t out of this air lift kit in testing. It took everything I could throw at it, and even turned an 11.93 at 118 MPH time at NE Dragway here in NH. On Air Lift.

My car at time time was running V2 (not my favorite) and by the time 3P was coming out, I was moving on to another project. My E46 M3 (story for another time).

The 3p/3h system is the management we recommend and mainly sell. Lifetime warranty, amazing weather testing, adaptability and ease of use. Those are the reasons we are borderline obsessed with selling this product. Its literally so easy and reliable its hard to want to recommend alternatives.

In closing, we do a lot of B8’s and Audi’s in general. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation! Email or call 978-219-9060

Kit available for purchase here: Click to Shop B8 Air Lift

Story by James Curtis
Owner – Wheel Lab


So what do you guys think? Should we put a set on on of our cars?

ADV1 describes the ADV005 Flow Spec Wheel as a bowed out split five spoke design that can most frequently be seen on luxury sports cars. Its angular silhouette perfectly complements the modern and aggressive styling found on the world’s most aerodynamic performance vehicles. Available in our recommended 20” and 21” fitments, in 3 standard finishes, Platinum Black, Satin Black, and Brushed with Silver Windows with no wait times. If you desire a wheel that is custom tailored to your vehicle in terms of fit and finish we’ve got you covered with our Bespoke Program. Choose your width, offset, and any of ADV.1’s fifty custom color options.

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