Customer Spotlight: Chelsea’s S550 x Rotiform and Air Lift

The S550 Mustang was a huge hit for Ford, and for us as a company. Even our own Joe Hoye succumbed to Bald Eagle Fever and got himself a S550 GT as well! When we think of the new S550 we think progress. Finally a Mustang with the fit and finish to go with the look and the power.

Chelsea wanted to have a flush, drive-able set up that retained performance while going low and a unique set of wheels to really complete her look. We knew right away air ride was going to be a nice compliment for her, especially with the wheel choice pick! 3 piece concave Rotiform KPS. One of the most unique split 5 spoke designs we have to offer. Now, onto the details of her set up!

Wheel Style:
Rotiform KPS 
3 piece forged concave 
Rear Load Rim Parts 

Matte black face 
Gloss black lip 
Gold bolts
Black inner barrel 
Red caps

19×10 et40
19×11 et48

2017 Mustang GT
Cut for 6 piston OEM Brembo Brakes
Air Lift Performance Suspension front and rear with 3p Management w/ 3/8″ lines

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @chelsealynn_18
Photographer: @leos550

Customer Spotlight: Tesla 3 Performance x HRE RC103

Let me start by saying I love what the eccentric mind of Elon Musk has been working up over the years with Tesla. The Model S and X are cars I actually like! The Model 3 I felt conflicted at first. That is until the dual motor PERFORMANCE version came out. The future is RAD and cars like the Tesla 3 performance and Porsche Taycan solidify that feeling for me.

The Model 3 performance is something else. When our customer Ace Peformance (our local Ariel Atom dealer) needed wheels for one, we knew we were in for a treat. We landed on the RC103 by HRE. We wanted the car to have a staggered fitment with NO dual motor interference. We also needed the wheel to be strong, and have a low weight to improve the acceleration if even possible.

The Series RC1 motorsport wheels by HRE are perfect for those seeking strong, lightweight track wheels that can take a beating. The I-beam spoke geometry shows the true nature of these wheels: strong and efficient. While these wheels are designed to be abused on the track, they are still light enough to markedly increase performance and handling. For street or track, these are meant to perform.

Available in 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ and 21″. Now onto the part I enjoy, the details.

Wheel Design:
Satin Charcoal Finish

20×9 +35 front
20×10 +40 rear
with 235/35/20 and 275/30/20 tires

Car info:
2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photographer: Ace Performance – Visit here

Customer Spotlight: 2003 Cobra x 15″ CCW Classic Beadlock

The 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra is sincerely a car we know and love very much. Kevin our Ford Performance manager actually owns a Sonic Blue Cobra himself, full exposé coming soon. When CCW announced we would be able to do a 15″ beadlock classic… we were VERY EXCITED. It didn’t take us long to start getting sets out there.

CCW made the classic available in 15, 16 and 17″ sizes with true beadlock capability. 15″ is especially interesting. The 15” CCW Classic Beadlock is truly a game changer. It features a three-piece welded construction that allows brake clearance for most OEM and upgraded kits. The CCW Classic Beadlock gives you more options than any other beadlock wheel on the market in terms of PCD’s, widths, backspacing, colors, and hardware.

Wheel Info:
CCW Classic 15” Beadlock
3 piece welded configuration
15×10.33 x2
6.5 Backspace

Tire Info:
295/55/15 Hoosier drag radial DR2

Wheel Finish : Black Matte 
Beadlock Finish: Black Gloss
Beadlock Hardware : Black Gloss 

Car Info:
2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Owner: @03_slowbra
Photographer: @oscar03cobra

Customer Spotlight: MKIV R32 x Rotiform CHD-T x Air Lift Performance

The R32 is the car that got me into modding cars. It was the most influential part of mid-twenties. The adventures with the R32 of my own were endless, including meeting my now wife; a special car for a special place in my heart. 3.2 liters of a VR6 24v exiting a dual exhaust mated to a 6-speed transmission and Haldex AWD. This car was my drug of choice in my mid-twenties.

I have known Mikey Wynkoop a long time now. We have worked together on a few of his cars; but NEEDLESS to say, this is my favorite. The goal was a clean, functional stance on air. The car was a clean slate and IMMACULATE — one of the best examples I have seen in recent years.

Onto the important stuff: when we think of Volkswagen, Rotiform is just a natural suggestion. We wanted something unique. The idea of the FUC was tossed around, but when Mikey and I landed on the CHD-T by Rotiform we knew that was it.

When it came to the air ride, we wanted performance and reliability. For that, we tend to gravitate toward Air Lift Performance Series and 3P management. Mikey’s car is exactly that.

Wheel Design:
Rotiform CHD-T
3-piece concave, rear load rim parts

Matte silver faces
Matte silver lips
Black bolts
Matte black center window
Black barrel

18×9 et27 Front
18×10 et24 Rear
57.1 CB

Car info: 
2004 VW R32
Stock brakes
Air Lift Suspension
3P Management
Performance Series fronts
Slam Series rears
Bilstein shocks

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @b_stouffs
Owner: @mikey_wyn

Customer Spotlight: FD RX7 x Super Deep Concave Forgestar F14

There is just something about the FD RX7 I will always love. When Josh approached us about this set of F14’s, it was originally intended for a Mazdaspeed3. However, the specs were just a touch too much for the Speed3.

18×9.5 +18 front | 18×9.5 +15 rear 

Information on the Forgestar Flowform Line

  • Built to your specifications
  • Custom bolt patterns
  • Monoblock construction
  • Rotary formed flow formed barrel
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-deep, deep ,and super deep concave face profile
  • Clears most big brake kits
  • Wide range of wheel widths
  • Great range of offsets

Needless to say, when they showed up on his bagged FD RX7 instead, we were psyched! If you have any questions or would like pricing on this set up, please visit the links below or contact us immediately!

Wheels: Purchase Here
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Wheels: Purchase Here

Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos: @redherringphotography
Owner: @thatbaggedfd

Customer Spotlight: R35 GTR From Static to Air – Brenden Bohm

Who doesn’t love the R35 GTR. One of the MOST modded Japanese cars with unreal potential for horsepower. When Brenden approached us for a set of wheels to compliment his R35, we were happy to help. We sell wheels in A LOT of budgets for A LOT of different cars, tastes, needs, etc. Our customer here wanted functional fitment, a clean style, a unique color and did not want to obliterate his budget. The Rohana RFX series came immediately to mind.

Wheel Design:
Rohana RFX11 – Brushed Bronze

Wheel Specs:
20×10.5 et38
20×12 et22

Needless to say the car LOOKED amazing static, but we were NOT done there. Brenden and myself knew from the get go air suspension was the target. The R35 Kit from Air Lift is particularly impressive mated with 3P or 3H management. Proven to perform BETTER than the OEM magnetic suspension on the track. We knew this was the perfect compliment to drive low, and drive hard when he wanted.

If you have any more questions or would like pricing on this set up please visit the links below or Contact us immediately!

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Full Air Kit: Purchase Here

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Now enjoy a few more images of this super clean R35.

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Words by: James T. Curtis
Photos/owner: @brenbo_

Customer Spotlight: Mondo’s WRX x BC Forged LE81

In this industry you meet A LOT different people. At wheel lab we encounter people from every walk of life and every different kind of taste you can imagine. That is honestly part of the fun! It is always so amazing taking part in an automotive adventure bringing our customer’s dream builds to life with the most important part. The stance.

Stephen Mondary Aka “Mondo” is a rad dude who can appreciate the artistic creativity we enjoy here at Wheel Lab. I love working with people who also view their car as a canvas. We assist with color theory, face profile options, as well as the actual fitment on the car. This car is no different, defined by its owner’s personal taste. Brought to life out of the love and passion of being a car enthusiast. Now, onto the process.

BC Forged LE81

18×11 -20 5×100 square
LE flat lip style
Flush mount face

Gloss bronze face
Brushed bronze lip
Chrome bolts

First step of a BC Forged Order: Engineering Drawings
One of our FAVORITE parts of this process starts typically within 48 hours of our order. We have already helped you pick your dream wheels and its time to see them come to life and starts right here. – BC Forged is EFFICIENT and RELIABLE at 3-5 weeks to your door.

Within the first 48 hours your wheels are engineered and a 2D drawing is sent for you to daydream about the final product. You get to see a REAL view of the concave/lip sizes you will be getting. This service is unique to BC Forged. BC Forged creates all their forgings in house to the highest standards. Controlling the process and allowing for some of the best turn around in the business.

BC Forged is also unique in the fact that they DO NOT charge you extra for things like concave or custom finishing unlike many of their competitors. Plus, there is no question of how your wheels will turn out. Example: Shown here you can see the level of concave, the depth of the lip, as well as the depth of the center cap. BC leaves no guess work.

Step 2: Completion Photo
About 3-5 weeks later… BOOM Completion photo and tracking within 24 hours of completion! These guys are more than good! THEY ARE CONSISTENT! Not to mention the NO UP-CHARGES on custom finishes or concave levels! Impossible to beat for the money! Shown here is a brushed bronze lip, one of our favorite colors BC has to offer.

Step 3 – Break necks and the internet!
My actual favorite part, the fruit of the labor. The first day the wheels go on the car! Personally I love how this WRX turned out. Want to step up to Mondo’s level? Contact us. Meanwhile, enjoy some killer photo’s of Mondo’s WRX here below. Contact us for any questions on BC Forged!

Phone: 978-219-9060
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Owner instagram: @subie.doobie.doooo / @mondotattooer
Photos supplied by @samigelii
Words by James T Curtis

Customer Spotlight: MK2 Audi TTRS x Momo Heritage 6 by Acostabuilt

When I saw the Momo Heritage 6 at SEMA 2018 I was ABSOLUTELY taken by the design. The Heritage 6 by Momo feels like you jumped into pit late in the 80’s, the nostalgia is real! Our customer’s MK2 TTRS went over some extensive modifications to do get the 17×9.5 ET+38 with a 35mm lip to fit his car and keep it functional. Like what you see? Lets make a set happen! For now, enjoy a few killer shots of Kevin’s set up.

Available in 17″ and 18″ diameters, the Heritage 6 is custom made to order. Choose your 5 lug bolt pattern, offset, backspace and any of MOMO’s nine custom color options. If you have any more questions or would like pricing on this modernized classic six-spoke design that is reminiscent of MOMO’s first light alloy wheels that revolutionized the industry in the 1970’s. Contact us immediately! 978-219-9060 |

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Words by James T Curtis
Photos via @acostabuiltofficial

Customer Spotlight: A Perfect Foxbody Mustang?

When you are a kid growing up in America in the 80’s and 90’s as a car enthusiast it was a wild time for automotive styling. The foxbody mustang was no exception as long running platform and one of my favorites for the Mustang. The strong boxy look and the legendary 5.0 power plant have cemented the foxbody Mustang as a nostalgic car for me. Also, lets face it… all of us have memories one way or another (if you grew up when I did) in a foxbody Mustang doing hood-rat shit with your friends.

I have ALWAYS been fond of the notch back cars. I have ALWAYS wanted to build one, but have been distracted by other projects. Enter our customer’s perfect vision of a foxbody mustang. I could not have tailored a 5.0 much better myself, I have always had the mantra less is more with the 5.0. Shown here is this beautiful notchback on some CCW D110s by us here at Wheel Lab.

Wheels – Specs:
CCW D110
Front: 18×8.5 ET25
Rear: 18×10 ET25

Wheels – Finishes:
Face: Gunmetal Matte
Lip: Polished
Barrel : Black matte
Bolts : Gold

Available in 16″, 17″ and 18″ diameters, the D110 is custom made to order. Choose your 4 or 5 lug bolt pattern, offset, backspace and any of CCW’s custom color options. If you have any more questions or would like pricing on this custom forged CCW wheel – Contact us immediately! 978-219-9060 |

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Yo ice, Still got the 5-0?

Words by James T Curtis
Photos by Leroy Ortiz

Customer Spotlight: Jeep Grand Cherokee x Fuel Shok

With the launch of our truck, SUV and ATV/UTV program we are excited to start posting some customer vehicles! Today’s Rig: Justin’s Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wheels – Fuel Shok 18×9 et1
Tires – Goodyear Duratrac 275/65R18
Suspension – Rocky Road Outfitters 2.5″ lift

Owner – Justin Smith @smitty_mk6

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Words by James T Curtis
Photos by @smitty_mk6