Air Lift BMW F3X 3P Performance Kit 3 and 4 series AWD/RWD 3 Bolt Upper


With the vast customization options of forged wheels, we require a brief consultation with our customers to ensure we can build you your dream set up. Price listed is PER WHEEL. For any questions or information on proper sizing, or ordering please fill out the contact form or call 978-219-9060 or email us at

Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile. Please consult your salesperson for application-specific details.

Line Size

Extra 444c compressor kit

Upgrade to 3H

Tank Size and Finish

Compressor color

Compressor Silencer

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Wheel Lab is proud to offer you the best in Air Suspension by Air Lift Performance. All of our kits come ready to install with the top management choices. 3p is the new system we recommend. Kits come with a tank of your choice, compressor, wiring, fittings, water trap, everything needed to install.

Big differences with 3P/3H versus Air Lift V2 and the competition is that frankly it's just more reliable. 3P and 3H both have a lifetime warranty, and is more weather tested than the competition. 3P and 3H also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an app to control with your phone. Couple that with Air Lift’s best in the business customer service we expect your air suspension experience to be a great one!

Air Lift has two levels of struts for some cars. Performance or Slam. Performance series struts feature dampening and rebound adjustment as well as a threaded body for fine-tuning your PSI vs the lift and drop. Lastly certain cars do come with camber plates. These performance options ARE NOT your father’s air ride in this old Cadillac. Drive tall, park low and even hit a track day on a weekend if you want. It can take it. All Air Lift struts come with a limited 1 year warranty.

Tips and tricks:

Rear Shocks: We always recommend going with the Air Lift rear shocks to match the valving front to rear for the best results in ride quality. With that said some cars we do offer the kits without rear shocks allowing you to choose Bilstein or Koni in some cases.

Line Size: +$50 for 3/8" lines (recommended for cars over 3200 lbs)

Compressor: Single compressor is more than adequate. All of our compressors come with the upgraded SMC Check valve to avoid failure. Dual compressor is available in the options for an additional charge. Compressors are available in black or chrome at your request.

3H upgrade: Same system at 3P however with the added feature of height sensors. These sensors avoid the inconsistencies of pressure based systems due to weather and temperature changes as well as adapting to changes in the vehicle load. Meaning this will also auto-level your car when you when you and your boys all pack in 5 deep, but most importantly anti-cross loading the bags without radical changes in pressure. This feature can be added at any time with the purchase of a height sensor kit.

Tank size: 2.5 gallon is perfect usually for a hidden set up with a single compressor. You DO NOT need more than a 2.5 gallon tank for MOST cars on the market. To put it in perspective that set up is very commonly used by us in Big Body German cars. The myth of needing 5+ gallons just to lift your car is not true. 2.5 Gallon and 4 gallon are the most popular sizes. We recommend getting a raw tank if you plan to paint or powder coat. Polished tanks available at no extra charge! A 5 gallon tank is good for air accessories or Snoop Doggin’ around at stop lights to show off.

Install: A proper install is the most crucial part of this process. 95% of all Air Ride issues come from a bad install or defective parts. One of these we can prevent. If you do not have the confidence to install this kit and the experience to back it up we recommend going to a professional authorized Air Lift installer. We can recommend one. Having your friend’s sister’s cousin install this in their driveway can lead to critical failures and endanger yourself and other’s around you on the road.

Available for purchase directly through our site. Please select the size and options then add to cart. For any questions or information on proper sizing, or ordering please call 978-219-9060 or email us at

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